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Acutec Unveils New Truck Design

MEADVILLE, PA – In honor of its 30th anniversary, Acutec Precision Aerospace, Inc. unveiled its new truck design. The 26-foot sides sport images of jet engines and their components wrapped in the distinctive Acutec green and black colors.

The front view of a Boeing C17 jet engine dominates this new design. Acutec manufactures several components that are used on this military transport aircraft.

“We wanted our first 30th Anniversary project to celebrate our role in the aerospace industry,” said Nick Ozorak, Digital Media Specialist for Acutec. “It’s easy to forget that the airplane you travel on for your business trip or vacation likely has components manufactured by our facilities in Crawford County. This is an opportunity to showcase what these components ultimately become.”

When not in regular delivery use from the Meadville and Saegertown facilities, the truck will be seen assisting at various community events. The truck will make its public debut collecting Christmas Trees from the City of Meadville on Saturday, January 13th.

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