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Acutec Culture

The Acutec Philosophy

In the course of helping Acutec grow into a respected company serving aerospace clients worldwide, company chairman Rob Smith developed a philosophy consisting of four interlocking principles than can help organizations, communities, and individuals to prosper.

Always be lucky.

Prepare for luck, recognize luck, take advantage of luck. Demonstrate a depth of knowledge and constantly learn. Commit to excellence and forward thinking. Share ideas and talents.


We wake up paranoid.

Understand that you are always in competition with the world. Strive to be the best and demonstrate a can-do attitude. Be willing to take on more and take ownership for actions. Take initiative and lead others to go above and beyond.


We embrace change.

Embrace change and continuous improvement. Demonstrate the ability to problem solve in an innovative and resourceful way. Be ready and able to adapt to anything.

We recognize adversity as an opportunity.

If something is unfair, try to change it and turn it into an opportunity or learn from it. Act in an honest and trustworthy manner. Be respectful, humble, professional and an active listener. Be capable of challenging others in an assertive constructive manner. Identify adversity as an opportunity for growth.