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Job Shadowing

Aerospace has an exciting future with opportunities for its workforce. The future aerospace workforce could potentially work on aircraft, spacecraft, and systems that aid in the areas of space colonization, space-based solar power stations, the ability to travel to any point on the globe in mere hours, and even the search for extraterrestrial life

Aerospace is a highly valued industry with well-regarded workers. At Acutec, we want to help you continue to learn and grow in your career, and our Job Shadowing Program is designed to give you the experience needed to help launch your career.  Our employees work in multiple areas including engineering, machining computer programming, and various jobs in between.  During the job shadow, current employees will demonstrate their daily tasks while creating informative discussions surrounding their careers, the aerospace industry, and Acutec.

Available opportunities currently include Engineering, Production, Sales, HR, Finance, Purchasing, and Quality.

Explore Your Future

Are you thinking about your future career? Would you like to learn more about job shadowing with Acutec? Or maybe you are interested in seeing firsthand what Acutec has to offer. We are happy to give you a tour of our facilities and answer any of your questions.

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