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Employee Spotlight – Drew Cervone

Acutec exists based on its ability to serve the needs of its customers. As our Sales Director, Drew ensures that we are effectively coordinating between our team and our customers to deliver quality products.

How long have you worked here? I’ve been an employee for 11 years.

When you were an intern what kind of tasks did you do? I worked in the purchasing department buying raw materials.

What was your educational path? I graduated from Allegheny College in 2008 having majored in Economics and minored in Communication Arts.

How did you hear about Acutec? I knew of Acutec just by growing up in the area. When I was looking for local summer internship options, I knew Rob Smith was a big advocate for Allegheny College students, so I decided to reach out.

What makes you stay? The people and our “can do it” attitude. I am challenged every day to think outside the box, grow, and continue to get better.

What is advice you would give to students just coming out school? Understand that the journey of learning never ends. Listen first, be humble, be kind and don’t let your ego influence your decision-making process.

What is the most important thing you learned here as an intern? The importance of working together as one team to complete goals effectively and efficiently.

What are some things you do outside of work? I love being a Dad. Spending quality time with my family makes me happiest. Some of my hobbies are golf, hunting, and reading.

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