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Acutec Precision Machining Inc. becomes Acutec Precision Aerospace Inc.

Effective September 12th 2016, Acutec Precision Machining Inc. is now officially Acutec Precision Aerospace Inc.

Although precision machining remains a core competency, today Acutec Precision Aerospace offers many more processes, such as welding, braze, X-ray, NDT, coatings, assembly, pressure testing, flow testing, EDM, grinding and engineering, just to name a few.

The name change is very minor, but it is important. Acutec has set the standard for machining excellence for years but it has gone far beyond that and the new name better reflects the company’s mission and expertise. We’re not just a machine shop. Our business is now supplying complete assemblies and sub-assemblies and product line families. The parts we supply are no longer just machined, and most ancillary operations and any assemblies are done in house. We are proud of our machining roots and will continue to expand on that expertise, but the name change reflects our growing expertise in many more areas.

Our focus for many years has been Aerospace and related industries. We understand the exacting standards of Aerospace and the related fields of defense and power generation. 95% of our business is in those three areas.

This name change is essential to show that we have evolved from a small 17 person machining company in 1994 into the full service manufacturing and engineering company we are today.

The company will continue to operate in its current structure and there has been no change in ownership, staff and location. The main office, at 13555 Broadway Drive, Meadville, PA remains the same, as does our website and email and shipping addresses. Our CAGE code, NAICS codes, FEIN number, and DDTC ITAR registration number all stay the same.



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