Employee Spotlight- Mackenzie Bourquin

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Mackenzie Bourquin, a rising senior at Meadville Area Senior High School knows the value of career exploration before university. Placed in our Quality Assurance department under Tom Stanton and Dave Tiffany, Mackenzie works on the Quality Audit and various projects as well as assisting with inspections. She hopes to pursue a degree in engineering or a similar STEM field and here at Acutec, she receives the mentorship to guide her to a career and field she’s passionate about.

So far, her experiences this summer have been very rewarding. One experience that Mackenzie’s highlights is working with seasoned inspectors and learning how to use the equipment. She finds working with these new processes and advanced technology fulfilling as she expects to work in a career where the knowledge she has gained here will directly apply. On top of the technology, Mackenzie likes to understand the business side of Acutec,

“I always ask questions to understand where our parts go and what they do, it’s interesting to me how a local company makes parts that go all over the world.”

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with family outside, swimming for the Meadville swim team and participating in school activities. For her favorite aircraft, she states that both space shuttles and space exploration captivate her. In her advice to future interns, she stresses the importance of taking advantage of the learning opportunities here,

“Try to learn as much as you can, whether or not you’re interested in studying a related career, because the information can apply to many different fields and situations.”

Thanks for everything you do Mackenzie!

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