Western Pennsylvania is undergoing a transformation with manufacturing companies expanding and growing each year. With this expansion, more and more women are joining manufacturing on a variety of levels and in a variety of positions. Here, in conjunction with the Northwest Pennsylvania chapter of Women in Manufacturing, Acutec wants to highlight the efforts of some of the women in the area and acknowledge the work they do to help the industry advance and innovate.


Stories from the Area: Amanda Iverson

What is a hobby or interest you have that people may be surprised by?

Rather than a "She Shed," I actually have a Craft Room in the spare room of our home. I enjoy lots of various crafting activities, but the most surprising one is probably that I love knitting! My collection of yarn is almost embarrassing, but unique in the fact that it includes some yarn and half-completed projects from my late Grandmother.

What company do you work for and what is your role?

I am currently one of the Co-Owners and CFO of Thompson Fabricating in Wheatland, PA. My career path has been one with dramatic twists and turns, ranging from a booking agent for motivational speakers, to a sales coordinator for outdoor camping gear, to a wedding planner, to now a small business owner of a company manufacturing steel containers for the waste industry.

What tip you would give to women considering a career in the manufacturing industry?

For me, it is about recognizing your transferable skills. If you are just starting your career, manufacturing is a great place to start, especially in this region of the country. But if your career path is anything like mine, with each new job and role you are able to learn skills and have greater knowledge on a wide range of industries and experiences. When you reflect back on each of them, you will find that you likely also have transferable skills that you can explain to a potential employer, bringing value, diversity, and a unique perspective to their team.

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