AcuVets is Acutec Precision Aerospace's Veterans Career Program. For service members transitioning to the civilian sector, Acutec offers careers in the aerospace industry that include unparalleled benefits, advanced skills training, and advancement opportunities in a veteran-friendly culture. 

AcuVets was designed with the service member’s needs in mind, relying on direct input from veterans and best practices recommended by veteran transition resources. Because the aerospace industry often supports the United States in its defense work and missions, working in this career field can be a good culture fit as it allows veterans to continue to serve their country in a new capacity.

Reasons why Aerospace Careers Makes Sense:

  • You can continue to serve your country. The aerospace industry often supports the United States in its defense work and mission.
  • It's the place for the best people. The aerospace industry embodies the best of the nation, and it is only fitting that America's heroes work within it.
  • Jobs are plentiful. The Aerospace Defense industry is poised for growth as 2 million jobs will be available in the next decade.
  • It's a perfect fit. Acutec recognizes and prizes the skills you already have as a veteran.

Veterans at Acutec



Many of the attributes that make an individual successful in their military service directly transfer to the aerospace manufacturing environment; judgement, dependability, decisiveness, enthusiasm, and initiative to name a few. I take great pride in knowing that the work I do at Acutec continues to support the troops through the manufacturing of defense components.

- Lucas Warner, Team Leader of Acutec’s ENF Cell

Acutec Community Engagement

For over thirty years, Acutec has thrived based on the strength of our community, and our sustainability strategy is based on social and educational needs. We developed Acutec Community Engagement(ACE) to address challenges facing our area as well as fostering educational opportunities to equip the employees of tomorrow.

For building the strength of local education, we are fortunate to be partnered with organizations such as the Northwestern PA Chapter of the National Tooling and Machining Association, the Crawford County K-12 Career Education Alliance, and the Crawford County Career & Technical Center among several others. This provides us with the opportunity to reach out to students and give them essential skills.

Other charitable organizations or events we have supported include:

  • French Creek Cleanup
  • Make a Difference Day
  • Meadville Area Recreation Foundation
  • Meadville Public Library
  • Relay for Life
  • Saegertown Volunteer Fire Dept.
  • Toys for Tots
  • Women’s Services, Inc.

The Future of Aerospace

Aerospace has an exciting future with challenges for its workforce. The future aerospace work force could potentially work on aircraft, spacecraft and systems that aid in the areas of space colonization, space-based solar power stations, the ability to travel to any point on the globe in mere hours, and even the search for extraterrestrial life. Aerospace is a highly-valued industry with well-regarded workers. At Acutec, we respect and appreciate those, like you, who have served in the finest workforce America has to offer. The aerospace field is a top industry for America's veterans to transition into. Finding the right position can result in applying your learning while also benefiting society.

Career Transition Help  

Below we've included a collection of resources to help you take the first steps in your transition from military service. You can use these resources for any job search or in seeking a new career with Acutec Precision Aerospace. Our resources include:

  • Career Opportunities in Aerospace Ebook
  • Guide to Vet-Friendly Employers
  • Getting Hired Toolkit for Vets 
  • Machinist Career Path Infographic

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Life in Crawford County

Crawford County, is the hidden gem of Northwest Pennsylvania with much to offer residents. The scenic countryside is dotted with beautiful lakes including both the largest natural and man-made lakes in the state. Such a rural setting allows for a range of year-round outdoor family and sporting activities. As birthplace to the zipper and oil industry, the area has forged a history of innovation and manufacturing that has continued to this day.

Because of its earnest values, welcoming community, and safe environment, parents find Crawford County a perfect place to raise their families while enjoying a much lower cost of living found in most other parts of the country. In short, Crawford County may not be for everyone, but for those who appreciate authentic living and small-town values, Crawford County is a home to love. 

For more details about what Crawford County has to offer, CLICK HERE.

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