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Acutec Precision Aerospace Announces New Veteran Career Program: AcuVets

MEADVILLE, PA, JULY 19, 2018 — Acutec Precision Aerospace has announced their new Veterans Career Program, AcuVets. The AcuVets program is intended to assist service members transitioning to civilian jobs, while also offering information about careers within the aerospace industry. The new program offers qualified applicants unparalleled benefits, advanced skills training and advancement opportunities in a veteran-friendly environment.

“Veterans make excellent employees at Acutec because they effectively define their mission and goals and are invested in their work. They are many of our most successful machinists, inspectors, engineers and managers,” said Elisabeth Smith, President and CEO of Acutec. “We welcome the opportunity to attract more veterans to our company and for them to start a long career at Acutec in a field that is vital to our national security—aerospace and defense parts and assembly.”

AcuVets was designed with the service member’s needs in mind, relying on direct input from veterans and best practices recommended by veteran transition resources. While the program will continue to evolve, the main features AcuVets offers include:

  • Aerospace Career Information: Service members conducting a job search can access the AcuVets information page for career information on the aerospace industry.
  • Veteran Job Search Resources: Acutec offers transitioning veterans resources such as military skills translator tools, interview coaching, and resume and cover letter templates.
  • Peer Sponsorship: Newly hired veterans will be paired with other veterans at Acutec to assist with their transition to civilian sector and the Northwest Pennsylvania region.
  • Job Security: The Aerospace Defense industry is poised for growth, 2 million jobs will be available in the next decade.
  • Benefits Package: Acutec offers one of the best benefits package in the region with perks that include employee ownership while not precluding qualifying veterans from their VA benefits.
  • Paid On the Job Training: Acutec’s Machinist Training Program allows transitioning veterans with no previous aerospace experience the opportunity to learn these skills while being paid.

Because the aerospace industry often supports the United States in its defense work and missions, working in this career field can be a good culture fit as it allows veterans to continue to serve their country in a new capacity. In the past four years of company growth, Acutec has doubled the number service members with 50 currently among its ranks.

“Many of the attributes that make an individual successful in their military service directly transfer to the aerospace manufacturing environment; judgement, dependability, decisiveness, enthusiasm, and initiative to name a few.” said Lucas Warner, Team Leader of Acutec’s ENF Cell. “I take great pride in knowing that the work I do at Acutec continues to support the troops through the manufacturing of defense components.”

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