Employee Spotlight- Shelby Staudt

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Acutec Precision Aerospace is dedicated to creating well-rounded employees and college student Shelby Staudt is a testament to this belief. Before her current internship in the engineering department, Shelby worked in both the Grind Room and Quality Continuous Improvement. Currently in the engineering department, she works to make part-making processes more efficient.

Q: Where are you from?

Carlton, PA

Q: How did you hear about Acutec’s ASCEND internship program?

I did a mock interview with Rachel Verno during my senior year of high school, and when I finished my first year of college, I started looking for internships and remembered Acutec might be a good fit for me.

Q: What is your role at Acutec?

I’m an Engineering intern helping make the part-marking process more efficient using 3D-printed fixturing. These fixtures will only allow the operator to load the part one specific way to ensure the marking is going in the correct spot.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your internship?

No one here treats you like you’re the low person on the totem pole because you’re an intern. I’ve had the opportunity to do some things this summer that I didn’t think would happen until I had a few years of experience in the field.

Q: What are you currently studying?

Mechanical Engineering Technology at The University of Akron.

Q: What are your career goals, and how does your ASCEND experience help you achieve those?

My eventual goal is to work in the robotics field creating 3D models of parts and other things using SolidWorks, and the ASCEND program has given me a look at what that’s going to be like. It’s hard to visualize a fixture for something without a model of the part, so in some cases I’ve had the chance to create one.

Q: What’s the most rewarding experience you have had so far?

Walking out onto the floor and hearing/seeing that the fixtures I’ve made are working. It’s one thing to design something you think will work, but actually seeing it be used is pretty cool.

Q: Outside of work, what are your favorite activities?

I go to school year-round, so if I’m not doing homework, I’m usually spending time with my friends and family or playing a sport of some type.

Q: What advice would you give to future Acutec ASCEND interns?

Always look for ways to make things better, easier and more efficient, and if an idea comes to mind, don’t be afraid to tell someone about it.

Q: What is your favorite aircraft?

B-2 Spirit

Thank you for all your hard work, Shelby! Learn more about our ASCEND internship program to see how you can grow your career like Shelby.

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