Acutec Meadville, PA

Phone (814) 336-2214
Fax (814) 336-3365
Address Acutec Precision Aerospace
13555 Broadway
Meadville, PA 16335

Acutec Saegertown, PA

Phone (814) 763-3214
Address Acutec Precision Aerospace
16891 State Highway 198
Saegertown, PA 16433

Acutec St. Stephen, SC

Phone (843) 567-6990
Address Acutec Industries, LLC
126 Dr. Shillinglaw Pl.
St. Stephen, SC 29479

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Being a community partner means contributing the resources that you have to the greater good. Our machines are prime examples of the development of CNC technology over the past several years. As a premiere manufacturing center, we use our facility and machinery as a means of educating our community and inspiring future generations to see manufacturing’s full potential.

Tours are available for individuals and groups throughout the year. Many area school districts have chosen Acutec as a field trip destination due to the friendliness of its employees and the ability to provide students with a unique learning opportunity.

Occasionally, we host dedicated events to highlight our role in aerospace manufacturing. One of the major opportunities we look forward to is our annual Manufacturing Day event, which typically falls on the first October of each year. Events such as this include multimedia presentations, children’s activities, and interactive displays.

If you are interested in having a tour of our Meadville facility, click the banner above to learn more. Note that filling out this form submits a request for a tour but requires confirmation from Acutec before said tour takes place. Tour requests must be submitted at least one week prior to the requested date. All tours require wearing close-toed shoes.