Investing in the Best: CNC Machinists

As companies grow rapidly, it becomes easy to lose sight of the most crucial element behind that success—people. While sales revenue, gross margins, and the bottom line have their place, they shouldn’t come as a result of sacrificing your employees. That’s a basic belief that has helped guide Acutec’s rise from operating out of a garage to building the best parts in the world for the biggest names in aerospace manufacturing.  

Acutec recognizes that our success is a result of employing the best people from around the country and giving them the best work environment and culture possible for them to thrive both personally and professionally. In doing so, Acutec has earned a spot among the top three aerospace employers to work for in the country.

Our belief in people is a claim we pay more than lip service to. This is why for experienced CNC Machinists Acutec offers:

  • An immaculate shop floor and workstations
  • A full range of tools beyond most shops
  • The most modern milling and turning machines
  • Paid advanced and cross-functional training opportunities
  • Job security and career advancement
  • Extensive benefits on par with Fortune 500 aerospace manufactures
  • Compensation above the state average and competitive nationally
  • Additional income from overtime opportunities

What’s more, for qualifying CNC Machinists interested in moving to our home in scenic Crawford County, Pennsylvania, Acutec offers:

  • Deferred employment bonuses
  • Relocation assistance

We believe that our success comes from your success, and we are willing to invest in it if you are. To learn more about what Acutec can offer you as a CNC Machinist, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.  

"What I like most about Acutec is the clean atmosphere and having brand new CNC machines to use.”

 -Blane Shade, Acutec Machinist for 30 years (as long as we've been in business) 

How Does Acutec Match Up?

When it comes to looking for a company to work for, sometimes the size of the company can be a big factor for many reasons. It may seem that larger corporations are the ones that are better able to provide higher salaries, bigger benefits packages, career development and even job security, but that's not always the case.

Founded in 1988 with only 17 employees, Acutec got its start as a small company. Today, Acutec continues to grow its manufacturing business in the aviation industry with over 400 employees. To some, Acutec may seem like a small town company. But what they don't realize is that even with small-town roots, we are able to stand tall next to the larger, well known companies when it comes to what we can offer employees.

Acutec is proud to be family-owned and able to offer the great benefits you wouldn't expect from a small company. With Acutec, you get the best of both worlds.

Job Security in Aerospace

The outlook for the aerospace industry has demonstrated consistent, ongoing growth that exceeds most other sectors. This means steady jobs and high demand for a skilled workforce that will be at the forefront of innovation. Skilled aerospace workers could potentially work on advanced aircraft, spacecraft, and systems that aid in the areas of national defense, space colonization, and the ability to travel to any point on the globe in mere hours. This makes the aerospace world a highly-valued industry with well-regarded workers. At Acutec, we are involved in a number of exciting long-term projects, and there is no end in sight for us. It's because of this that we can offer employees job security, career development, and peace of mind for years to come.

CNC Machinist Resources

Below are a collection of resources Acutec has created for fun and to help you in your career as a CNC Machinist. These resources include:

  • The Machinist Monthly Newsletter
  • What Type of Machinist Are You Quiz
  • Machinist Career Path Infographic
  • Acutec vs. Other Companies Chart
  • Machinist's Toolkit for Getting Hired

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Life in Crawford County

Crawford County, is the hidden gem of Northwest Pennsylvania with much to offer residents. The scenic countryside is dotted with beautiful lakes including both the largest natural and man-made lakes in the state. Such a rural setting allows for a range of year-round outdoor family and sporting activities. As birthplace to the zipper and oil industry, the area has forged a history of innovation and manufacturing that has continued to this day. Because of its earnest values, welcoming community, and safe environment, parents find Crawford County a perfect place to raise their families while enjoying a much lower cost of living found in most other parts of the country. In short, Crawford County may not be for everyone, but for those who appreciate authentic living and small-town values, Crawford County is a home to love.

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We Invest in Your Success!

We believe that our success comes from your success, and we are willing to invest in it if you are. To learn more about what Acutec can offer you as a CNC Machinist, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.