Precision Machining



Acutec is established as a premier long and short run part milling facility in northwestern Pennsylvania and the world.

All Acutec milling centers are equipped with Renishaw touch probes. We can machine in four- and five-axis and machine parts from .250 inches diameter to 20 inches diameter. Our horizontal machining centers have automatic pallet changers.

Tools are gaged and set with Speroni Optical Presetters and offsets are uploaded to a local server. All mill programs are stored and transmitted via a shop-wide DNC and ethernet connection system.

78 CNC Milling Centers
(1) DMG Mori  125 U 
(1) DMG Mori  NH-4000DCG 
(3) DMG Mori  NH-5000DCG 
(13) DMG Mori  NH-6300DCG 
(1) DMG Mori  SH-400 
(1) DMG Mori  SH-63 
(1) Mazak HCN-6800 
(3) DMG Mori  DMU 50 (5-axis)
(13) DMG Mori  NMV-5000 (5-axis)
(2) Mazak Variaxis i500 (5-axis)
(2) Mazak VCN-510C 5X (5-axis)
(3) Mazak VCU-400A 5X (5-axis)
(5) DMG Mori  CMX1100 
(1) DMG Mori  DV5100 
(2) DMG Mori  NV-4000 
(6) DMG Mori  NV-5000 
(2) DMG Mori  NVX-5080 
(7) DMG Mori  NVX-5100 
(3) Mazak VCN 530 
(8) Mazak VCN-510C


Our CNC Turning Centers support large diameter turning at close tolerances. Extensive resources of tooling, gaging, and quality machines enable us to run at maximum productivity and maintain unmatched quality.

We have turning capabilities from .250″ diameter up to 16.5 inches in diameter. For turning up to 1.625 inches in diameter we can turn up to 27.5 inches long. We can bar feed material up to 3 inch diameter and 12 feet long. Many of our turning centers are set up to run in cellular arrangements. We also have turning centers with live tooling and dual turrets for maximum productivity.

We can turn within .0005″ tolerance and with finishes of 16√. For parts under .0005″ tolerance, we employ our own CNC honing and grinding in-house. All programs are stored and transmitted via a shop-wide DNC and ethernet connection system.

144 CNC Turning Centers
(2) Mazak i-200STW 
(1) Mazak i-300ST  
(3) Mazak i-400ST 
(2) DMG Mori  CL2000BT 
(3) DMG Mori  Dura Turn 2030 
(2) DMG Mori  NL-1500 
(2) DMG Mori  NL-1500Y 
(10) DMG Mori  NL-2000 
(10) DMG Mori  NL-2000Y 
(8) DMG Mori  NL-2500 
(7) DMG Mori  NL-2500Y 
(4) DMG Mori  NL-3000 
(7) DMG Mori  NL-4000 
(1) DMG Mori  SL-25 CADDY

(3) DMG Mori  SL-250 
(2) DMG Mori  SL-300 
(1) Mazak Dual Turn 20  
(3) Mazak MPLX-6100Y 
(24) Mazak QT-100 
(1) Mazak QT-20 
(23) Mazak QT-200 
(2) Mazak QT-200Y 
(13) Mazak QT-250 
(1) Mazak QT-300 
(1) Mazak QT-350 
(5) Mazak QT-6 
(3) Okuma V760EX

Grinding and Honing

Acutec has the ability to perform precise grinding and honing operations, thanks to its many resources of both CNC and manual grind as well as hone equipment.

Grinding Capabilities

  • Centerless grinding capabilities of .0001″ total
  • Single and Double sided lapping with capabilities of holding flatness and parallelisms of .0001 and finishes of 4√
  • Surface grinding capabilities of .0002″ flatness
  • Hone and tool grinding capabilities

Grind and Hone Equipment (CNC and Manual)
(1) Cincinati  2M2H1Z-101 
(1) Crane Packinng Co. Model 36 
(1) Harig Model 612 
(1) Kellenberger KEL-VARIA 
(1) Kellenberger KEL-VISTA 
(1) Lapmaster Model 36 
(1) Moore Model 2 
(1) Okamoto ACC16.32ST 
(1) Okamoto OGM-012.36 
(1) Okamoto OGM-8.20UNCB 
(1) Speedfam DSM 
(1) Sunnen MBB-1660 
(1) Sunnen ML-5000-D 
(1) Sunnen SV-25 
(1) Anca MX7 linear


Acutec has a large EDM (electric discharge machining) department that can be used to meet complex requirements and metal removal on an array of different materials.

EDM Capabilities

  • Complex 3D solid modeling and electrode extraction from scratch or using customer supplied model
  • Programming and machining of electrodes using 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC mills
  • Programming and NC file generation for wire EDMs using customer supplied models
  • 3R work holding system utilized on every machine
  • All electrodes and fixtures are modular and interchangeable on every machine using the 3R work holding system. This allows parts to be run on any machine without the need for additional setups

CNC EDM Equipment
(3) Current EDM CT300 
(2) Makino DUO-43 
(2) Makino EDAF2 
(3) Makino EDAF3 
(1) Makino EDBV3 
(1) Mitsubishi EA8 
(3) Yougar YGS-43C 
(1) Makino F5 9 (graphite mill)

Recast Removal
EDM recast layers are removed per customer specification on an in-cell Mori Seiki vertical mill

250+ CNC machines Average Age: 5.5 years 30% purchased in last 3 years