New Technology Company Lojic LLC. Launches Lojic Dashboards

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MEADVILLE, PA – Lojic LLC, a Meadville-based information technology company, has launched its Lojic Dashboards software platform for use in manufacturing environments. The software makes it easier for companies to visualize productivity information using easy-to-read interactive graphs and displays.

“Our goal with developing Lojic Dashboards was to create an easy data management tool that uses existing data to identify issues and trends for manufacturing,” said Chris Smith, Co-Founder and President of Lojic. “The platform has great scalability for manufacturing environments of all sizes, is quick to install, and requires minimal overhead. Our slogan is ‘Manufacturing data never looked so good.'”

“One of the standout features regarding the software platform is that it includes the hardware necessary to display information on giant TV monitors,” remarked Brett Zook, Lead Software Developer for Lojic. “It’s rare that you will see that level of integration with other platforms.”

To assist in the development of this platform, Lojic received investment capital from Ben Franklin Technology Parners in State College, PA. The company provides $2.5 million annually to technology startups across Pennsylvania, along with business support to see them succeed.

“Having successfully led the IT Department of Acutec Precision Aerospace for several years, it was wonderful to support Chris and Brett in launching this new company,” said Elisabeth Smith, President and CEO of Acutec and co-founder of Lojic.

“What makes this technology startup unique is that is has been created from within a manufacturing environment rather than having an outside technology firm trying to learn about the demands that companies like ours face,” added Nick Ozorak, Digital Media Specialist for Acutec, “We hope that this paves the way for more technology companies to establish themselves within Crawford County.”

Following a successful two-year development at Acutec Precision Aerospace, Lojic Dashboards is now available to manufacturers nationwide. The subscription-based platform allows small and large manufacturers to implement improvements without incurring large setup costs. It is available both directly from Lojic as well as from software reseller and enterprise resource planning software provider JobBOSS.


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