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Acutec always strives to make efficient processes and high-quality products, and high school student Simon Jones is part of that effort. Working in Continuous Improvement, Simon collaborates with his mentors on programming that helps to increase productivity and efficiency within the company.

Simon just happened to find Acutec’s ASCEND Intern Program—he was researching engineering opportunities in the Meadville area and found both opportunities for engineers and for pre-engineering high school and college students. While Simon is still in high school, he plans on studying computer engineering, and this intern program helps him hone his interests and develop applicable skills.

At Acutec, we strive to incorporate our interns into our teams and give them projects that are both useful for the company and help teach or develop relevant skills for the intern. This is Simon’s favorite part of working here—during his summer he has helped create purposeful programs that we are implementing throughout our facilities. Simons feels as though Acutec is helping him achieve his career goals,

“I like to solve problems with creative methods. Interning at Acutec, I’m developing a mindset to solve problems in many different ways by working alongside people with creative approaches to these problems.”

Outside of Acutec, Simon enjoys a variety of activities—his favorites include playing the piano, playing soccer, and spending time with friends. He states that his favorite aircraft is the F-22 Raptor. In his advice for future interns, he states that they should come in with the expectation of not knowing everything. Mentors are understanding and willing to help you solve problems.

Thanks for everything you do Simon!

Learn more about our ASCEND internship program to see how you can grow your career like Simon.

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