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Keegan Gaub, a Machinist at Acutec, knows the opportunities that Acutec provides students coming out of high school and looking to join the work force. Shortly after graduating, Keegan decided to join Acutec through our Machinist Training Program after hearing about the opportunity from the Crawford County Career and Technical Center.  While he heard about the program through school, he knew that Acutec treated their employees well and had great benefits attached to their careers. Staring the class in June, he trained on the mill in the Gen-X department. Through the program, he has learned valuable skills that have prepared him to become an independent CNC Machinist here at Acutec.

After hearing about the program, Keegan reached out to Patrick Faller, the Director of Human Resources. Patrick called him in for an interview and he secured a spot in the program. Because of his experience with machinist training at school, our team had confidence he would be the right fit. During the classes, he found that the instructors worked at the pace of each student.

While working at Acutec, Keegan has found that there are several benefits that stretch beyond what he originally anticipated. His favorite airliner is the Boeing Dreamliner. Additionally, Keegan appreciated that Acutec provides a diverse set of personalities and people to work with and a supportive atmosphere to grow professionally and personally.

“Acutec gives the support and incentives to become the best person you can be.”

 Because of this atmosphere, Keegan found the switch to night shift easier. He experienced the support he needed to feel welcome. One of the highlights of working at Acutec is the company’s dedication to continuous improvement. Keegan appreciates that there is no hesitation in moving machines or shifting processes—Acutec only cares about creating the most efficient atmosphere possible.

Outside of work, Keegan enjoys hunting and fishing in the area. For people considering the program, his recommendation is to pay attention to the details, emphasizing that the small things taught in training can help a machinist in the future.

Thanks for everything you do Keegan!

Learn more about our Machinist Training Program to see how you can grow your career like Keegan.

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