Machinist Training Program Spotlight – Heather Goodwill

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Here at Acutec, we dedicate ourselves to creating opportunities for growth and development, which is why we created our Machinist Training Program. Heather Goodwill, born in Meadville and raised in Saegertown, is currently working as a machinist trainee where she receives training on both the multiplex and dual turn CNC machines. Starting the class this past June, Heather has worked hard to both understand machining and the manufacturing business.

Heather found the program at the perfect time. She wanted a career that offered more room to grow professionally than her previous job, and some friends who worked at Acutec suggested she apply for the program. When completing the application process, she found everyone accommodating and the entire process was easy to complete. While she had no prior experience in manufacturing, she quickly demonstrated her skills and aptitude for becoming a CNC Machinist. Heather emphasizes that the program goes at the pace of each learner. They take the time to ensure that each trainee learns the lingo and vocabulary of machining. For Heather, she leans in a hands-on way and the program ensures that each learning style is accommodated.

Thus far, the program has been a rewarding experience. Heather states that while the work challenges her regularly, she feels supported and knows that she can ask anyone a question at any time. There is always assistance nearby, and if anyone is having trouble with a concept, they can work one on one with a mentor. One of her favorite parts of working at Acutec is knowing that the parts that she’s making are used in aircraft all over the world daily. Even just looking at the machines in the shop fascinate her; she enjoys watching how the machines create the parts. Based what she has learned so far about the company and machinist, she plans to work at Acutec for years to come.

Outside of work, Heather stays busy. She enjoys spending time with family, kayaking, and being outside. For people considering the program, she says that they should take as many notes as possible. With so much new information coming in each day, it’s nice to refer to them.

“Working here at Acutec has given me the opportunity to grow professionally and personally. It’s a great company to work for.”

Thanks for everything you do Heather!

Learn more about our Machinist Training Program to see how you can grow your career like Heather.

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