Manufacturing: It's More Than You Think 

If you've crossed manufacturing off your list of careers to work in, then hold up a second. What is it about manufacturing that makes it unappealing? Is it because your first image was of a dirty factory floor full of grimy workers, depressed from the drudgery of mindless work and fearful of losing their jobs when the work dries up? Maybe it's because you don't see any future in it or it doesn't seem to require much skill? Guess what? Manufacturing isn't what it used to be for our parents and grandparents, especially in the aerospace industry! Still not convinced? Let's break down common myths about manufacturing. 

Myth 1: US Manufacturing is in decline.

According to a recent report from the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI), manufacturing accounts for a third of our economy, with a growing demand particularly in aerospace. (Check out Careers in Aerospace)

Myth 2: It's a dirty job in unsafe factories

Because of all of the advances in technology, best practices, and modern industry standards, shop floors have actually never been cleaner or safer. What's more, it's environmentally safe as well with 20% of green jobs coming from the manufacturing sector. (Check out The World of Aerospace CNC Machinists)

Myth 3: It's a bad career choice.

Since overcoming the Great Recession, manufacturing jobs are increasing due to high demand, and they are stable, with lower turnover than non-manufacturing jobs and 65% more in benefits per hour of employee work than service industry employers. (Check out Acutec's list of benefits)

Myth 4: It doesn't require much skill.

Given the rapid advances in technology, manufacturing jobs today require a high level of skill and technical aptitude, so much so that there is a growing skills gap driving demand for anyone willing to train on these advanced skills. (See our CNC Machinist Career Path infographic

Myth 5: The pay is not very good.

Actually, the Census Bureau reports that pay for skilled manufacturing positions is above the national average for pay in the majority of other industry sectors, and those wages only increase for those who continue to train and advance their skills. (See how Acutec compares to major companies)


Aerospace is the Place to Be!

Whether your interest in aerospace has been long-held or just beginning, the aerospace industry can be a great fit for you with an exciting future. The industry outlook is positive and jobs are plentiful. But what exactly falls into the aerospace sector and what opportunities exist for you to take advantage of? We can answer all of this and more in our short e-book, Careers in Aerospace. You want to work in a field that is taking off, literally? Aerospace is the way to go! 

But What's a CNC Machinist?

As a student trying to gather all of your future career options to determine the right path, or a graduate beginning to join the workforce, you might be wondering about the world of aerospace and how you can become part of it. Acutec has careers for students and graduates, with a simple application process, comprehensive training, and secure future working as a CNC Machinist.  What does a CNC Machinist do exactly? Good question. Everything you could want to know is laid out for you in The World of Aerospace CNC Machinists

Don't Think You Have the Experience?

If you don't think you have the experience to work as CNC Machinist, then worry no more. Acutec will take care of that through our paid training program. Our A-Train (Acutec Training) program will get you on a career path with all kinds of potential opportunities down the road as you gain more and more skills. Just what does that path look like? Our infographic on the Career Path of an Aerospace CNC Machinist shows you exactly what career possibilities exist. Want to apply? Use the A-Train Toolkit to get started.



“The machinist training program gave me the tools I needed to accurately and effectively check the parts I make on the shop floor with confidence, knowing that what we do makes Acutec’s future soar.”

Nate Bentley - CNC Machinist and A-Train Graduate


Be Cutting-Edge in Aerospace

Based on current performance, the outlook for the aerospace industry is on a growth trajectory that exceeds most other sectors. This means steady jobs and high demand for a skilled workforce that is on the forefront of innovation. Skilled aerospace workers could potentially work on advanced aircraft, spacecraft, and systems that aid in the areas of national defense, space colonization, and the ability to travel to any point on the globe in mere hours.

At Acutec, we are involved in a number of exciting long-term projects, and there is no end in sight for us. It's because of this that we can offer employees job security, career development, and peace of mind for years to come.


Career Resources

Below are a collection of resources Acutec has created for fun and to help you in your journey to join the A-Train and become a successful CNC Machinist. These resources include:

  • Careers in Aerospace for Students & Grads
  • The World of Aerospace CNC Machinists Ebook
  • Machinist Career Path Infographic
  • Acutec vs. Other Companies Chart
  • What Type of Machinist Are You Quiz
  • A-Train Toolkit for Getting Hired
  • The Machinist Monthly Newsletter

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