2020 ASCEND Internships Available

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Acutec Student Career Experience and Development is our internship program developed for providing engaging education. Students are mentored by a supervisor and learn about the various aspects of a manufacturing environment and how they can develop their skills in the field. Some of our interns have progressed to become full-time employees within our company.

Acutec is pleased to announce that internships for the Summer of 2020 are now available online. Positions include the following:

  • Human Resources/Safety
  • Communications/Web Design
  • Maintenance
  • Quality Continuous Improvement
  • Quality Engineering
  • Quality Inspection
  • Sales
  • Supply Chain

Click here to learn more about these positions and apply.

Below are a few testimonials from previous ASCEND participants:

“It’s rewarding to walk out onto the floor and see that the fixtures I’ve made are working. It’s one thing to design something you think will work, but actually seeing it be used is pretty cool.” Shelby Staudt, Engineering

“I am always learning about different machines while meeting new people. I love to know that my coworkers are learning with me as well.” – Vera Meadow, Quality Inspection

“I like to solve problems with creative methods. Interning at Acutec, I’m developing a mindset to solve problems in many different ways by working alongside people with creative approaches to these problems.” – Simon Jones, Quality Continuous Improvement

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